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About MCAL Software

MCAL SOFT is an engineering software company established in 2004 by the engineers of Architectural Wall Systems, Inc. We, the Engineers of AWS and owners of MCAL SOFT, always strive to provide service and products in an efficient and professional manner. Over the past 25 years, we have spent countless hours creating tools and computer programs that help prevent tedious and repetitive calculations and make us focus on the core problems. These simple tools have evolved into sophisticated and comprehensive software used throughout the building and cladding industry. We formed MCAL SOFT to develop these tools to even a higher level. We will continue to demonstrate our dedication to pursue and develop long-term client relationships and continue to upgrade our design tools to keep pace with changing technology and our customers’ needs.

MCAL SOFT provides engineering software tailored to meet the needs of structural engineering and specifically the architectural wall industry. As engineers interested in new challenges and industry advancement, we are always looking for new opportunities to extend our capabilities. Please contact MCAL SOFT to customize any of our software to better suite your needs and develop any custom tools that help your productivity.

As design engineers, our experiences in problem solving yield an approach that can help you create and customize your tools. We can create complex solutions or simple tools to make your product development task more effective, reliable and efficient.

In addition to software development, we offer engineering services through our parent company Architectural Wall Systems Inc. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your future project more extensively.